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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  February 22, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> coming up, a local elementary school teacher is accused of sexually abusing two students. he prepares to head to court today. >> the latest on the murder case against oscar pistorius. we expect to learn today if he will get bail. >> at least he is enjoying all the snowfall in the midwest. what will the snowstorm bring our way?
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it is 5:00 a.m., good morning washington begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning, washington" -- on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning. it is friday, february 22. >> i'm natasha barrett in for cynne simpson. we could see wintery mix later on today. our storm watch begins with jacqui jeras. >> i definitely think we will get some of that around here. it should be relatively light. hopefully it will not be a major issue for you. later today, it should change over to rainfall. for now, the moisture, steadily streaming in. we have the clout in ness. most of what you're seeing is not reaching us. there is some light snow and light sleet being reported in the west -- in west virginia. send me a tweet. let me know it is coming down. temperatures are pretty
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favorable. even though we will get above freezing this afternoon, i do think sleet will continue to come down. the moisture should hold off until the noon hour for the d.c. metro area with 35 degrees, and changing terrain by the evening hours. for details on the timing of this and a live report from adam caskey coming up. >> much appreciated. a pretty calm starred to our friday morning trek into the work week -- into the work day. virginia maryland, no troubles. on 395 virginia, no delays just a few cars. this is what i'm finding on most -- most of the traffic cameras. stafford up to dale city, 66, the green. between frederick and the beltway, you're in -- you are in good shape. the beltway at the woodrow wilson bridge, you cross fine in
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each direction. >> residents across the midwest are being urged to stay home as the area deals with a huge winter storm. parts of northern oklahoma and missouri sought 10 inches of snow. it appears the highest amounts -- highest amount was in kansas some areas seeing 17 inches. it postponed a track and field championship which was supposed to happen today at iowa state university. >> rockville teacher -- this is a teacher we have been talking about who has been accused of sexually abusing two students. >> brianne carter is live outside the school where he works. that is metal haul elementary school. -- meadow hall elementary school. >> the bond hearing is set for 1:00 this afternoon. timothy krupica will not be in class today. instead, he will be in court.
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the 30-year-old is facing charges of sexual abuse of a minor. >> it is a big surprise. >> police say two 11-year-old students say krupica inappropriately touched on multiple times beginning in september. the girls go on to say that he forced or tried to force them to touch him. >> i have known him for a long time. i know the person he is. >> while some parents are outraged others cannot believe it. >> there are many parents that would be in court with him, standing up for him because of the person he is and the teacher he is. >> officials say that he has been a teacher with the school since 2009. he is currently on administrative leave -- administrative leave. >> thank you. 5:04. the former head of d.c.'s, security office is completed -- is pleading guilty to tax fraud
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charges. >> john gonzalez is live with more on the killing for millicent west. >> natasha, this is a scene involving a former council member who is in prison. today, millicent west will be in federal court charged with tax fraud. she was forced to step down as the head of d.c.'s pauma and security office. more recently, she was running the children you investment corporation. this group paid out $400,000 in phony invoices. on the other side, harry thomas. he pleaded guilty last year and was sentenced to three years in prison. the mayor was asked about this yesterday. he says he does not know the details. he wants to find out more about this before he makes a comment. west is expected to plead guilty later today. reporting live, john gonzalez. >> a south african judge could decide to day if oscar pistorius
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should be released from jail as he waits trial on charges that he killed his coffin. the double amputee is accused of killing his girlfriend on valentine's day. he says he mistook her for an intruder when he shot her through a bathroom door in his home. prosecutors say that he killed her after a fight. the ruling comes as a lead detective was replaced after it was revealed that he faces attempted murder charges in a separate case. >> virginia house and senate negotiators are near an agreement on revisions for the second year of the two year budget. they are at odds on the pace of extending medicaid under the federal health reform law. the house wants to defer the expansion. gov. bob mcdonnell is urging lawmakers not to expand medicaid without major cost reductions first. the virginia house and senate
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are also set to vote on a transportation compromise. under that plan, a gas tax would generate an additional $880 million a year. with house and senate republicans split over that, democrats could determine the outcome. gov. bob mcdonnell supports the plan. if it passes, it will be the first major reform to the highway financing system in 27 years. 30 degrees. 5:07 is your time. >> still ahead, a look at what could be a very big trip for president obama next week.
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>> good morning, washington. happy friday. it is 5:10. our temperature is 32 degrees. we have ugly weather headed our way. a wintery mix is expected later on. there are advisers in affect a long and west of the blue ridge. this includes you in mineral hampshire, shenandoah, page, madison, and rockingham counties. there is a potential of up to an inch of slow -- of snow and sleet accumulating. it is relatively weak system. it makes it tricky for us. i think things will be drying
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out a little bit. i do expect we could see some sleet and snow by the middle of the day, around the noon hour in d.c., and changing over to look -- over to rain light around. here is a bus stop forecast. some sleet and snow with rain possible. 35 degrees at recess. drop-off time, 38 degrees. we are going to go live to adam caskey. he has got more details on what is happening out there. >> good morning. it is a cold friday morning. this is washington's actual birthday. we thought it would be appropriate to come to the washington monument on his actual birthday. we're down here, no precipitation. you can feel the temperatures around the freezing point. we're at 31 degrees. keep in mind we do not a parent -- have anything in the metro area. a little bit of that action to
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the southwest will make it here by the middle of the day. let's go to the radar and take a look at temperatures. we will look at all. temperature wise, we are opportunities, law or 30's. -- lower twenties, the upper 30's -- the upper 20s, law or 30's. -- lower 30's. the energy is splitting, so we may not get all that much. temperatures only in the 30's this afternoon. that is that, from the national mall, let's go to jamie. >> fridays morning trek starts out nice and easy for everybody in maryland and virginia. northbound 95, not too much to tell you about. the beltway, travel lanes are open. nice and quiet extending onto i- 395 as you cross the 14th street
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bridge. across the anacostia bridge, so far, so good. the american legion bridge, that looks good. 4270, that is in good shape. scott and natasha, back to you. >> we are warming up. we are at 31. >> coming up, one job seeker can up with the creed of way to post his resume by using a candy wrapper.
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>> president obama will visit a shipbuilding operation in newport on tuesday. this comes days before the march 1 deadline in which spending cuts kick in, unless congress acts. defense secretary leon panetta is warning of furloughs for the vast majority of the defense department's civilian workers. the president called on house speaker john boehner and senate gop leader mitch mcconnell about the looming spending cuts. the calls are his first in weeks to talk to republicans. >> 5:16. as we talk about sequestration, we continue to examine the ways it would affect us in the d.c. region. >> we are hearing the impact could be felt in d.c. >> the zoo officials are telling the washington post is that they
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will be able to feed and care for animals but there may be programs that might face cuts -- face cuts. live on the panda camera, we see them going through their area. all their zookeeper's are considered essential personnel. in the event of a government shutdown, they would be taken care of as well. zoo officials do say that some projects, such as planned acquisitions of cheetahs for research, may be reconsidered. they also say some job openings that have, like five to reader jobs and numerous animal keeper spots, will remain vacant if sequestration does happen. they say this could be a doomsday scenario, but they are hoping for the best. the have enough money to keep the animals that and get them their medication. the mine not have money to hire additional staff. back to you guys. >> thousands of federal workers could soon find themselves in --
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in for a longer trip to work. fairfax county is considering eliminating the express bus service to the pentagon. this is all to enhance service when the silver line metro begins again this year. some writers say switching to metro could significantly increase their commute. it appears chuck hagel has enough votes to become the next secretary of defense. >> he secured the necessary votes when richard shelby of alabama changed sides. he said he would vote for him. shall be joined republicans initially it last week for an unprecedented filibuster. first lady michelle obama is making a return to late-night tv. she will appear tonight on late- night with jimmy fallon. this will mark the third anniversary of her fitness and -- initiative let's move. >> jacqui joins us now.
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good to see you. >> we're looking at live pictures out of chicago. look no further than chicago. you can see at the bottom of the screen -- >> chicago has been about as we have been. a snow drought. and received less than an inch. it will pick up later this evening. they could see their heaviest snowfall, which could be about three or 5 inches. 17 inches of snowfall in kansas. it has been a crazy system. the energy is spotty. think most of what we will see will be relatively light. let's look at our radar and satellite picture together. it is showing you that things are trying to make their way through from the west. a lot of the moisture -- there
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are a few reports of snow flour -- snowfall. it looks like it is off to our west, the heavier stuff starting to come in. a winter weather advisory is in -- in a fact -- in effect. only an inch of accumulation. that will continue to come our way into tomorrow morning. that will go on until 10:00 saturday. 32 degrees. our windchill, 25 degrees. the winds are coming in at 8 miles per hour out of the north northwest. 30 degrees in manassas. at 32 in the culpeper at this hour. as you look at the bigger picture, you can see the snow across the midwest. there is chicago. low pressure is developing around here across the deep south. that will take over and control
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our weather. futurecast will show you, as we put it into motion, it will be very light. tamara, the moisture comes in, east of 95. you will have a better chance. you'll see rain rather than snow. your sunday looks pretty good. make plans and to go outdoors. today, mostly cloudy a light wintery mix. that should be this afternoon. areas to the west will get it first. 34-39 degrees. tonight, our raw cold night. 32-36 degrees. 43 degrees on your saturday. a good-looking sunday and monday before we get a return to showers and temperatures on tuesday. days are getting longer. let's find out how the commute is this morning. >> note, sunday outside. thank you. a quiet start to the dry -- to
5:22 am
the drive. and dry pavement. no problems to tell you about. virginia 95, the 395, all lanes are open. some volume on the increase. across the 14th street bridge heading into our nation's capitol, that is fine. i have one incident in north -- northwest d.c. you might see some of that activity. no problems to report heading around 270. 95 and bw parkway, also quiet. >> looking for a job -- most of us send out a paper resume or by e-mail now. >> when i decided to print his resume on a candy bar wrapper. we're told he landed the job he applied for. it was not clear whether it was for his skills, his creativity, or the hiring manager with a
5:23 am
sweet tooth. in today's tech bytes google adds a feature to its laptop. >> in today's tech bytes google challenges microsoft and apple. the search giant is offering a touch screen version of its laptop. these laptops will lie on a cloud-based software. oracle will plug a hole in its software after a series of hacking attacks. security experts say hacker's see java as the easiest way to break into systems. for $19 a month republic wireless get unlimited a voice and data on android smartphones. there are trade-offs. >> it only works on a moral of hansard. -- motorola handset.
5:24 am
>> there is no contract. those are your tech bytes.
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>> 7 is on your side this morning with a disturbing details about this year's flu shots. the cdc says the vaccine is only nine% effective. people over the age of 55 -- 9% effective for people over the age of 55. it could explain why some money -- so many older people have been hospitalized this flu season. >> time, 5:27. 31 degrees outside. we have much more news ahead at 5:30. >> an update on a winter storm that slammed the midwest. jacqui will tell us what to expect. >> a star making six figures. why is he landed a job at [ harry
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning, washington" -- on your side. >> straight ahead, the weekend snow in the midwest. those of plans include snow removal. the snowstorm is headed our way. it appears we will avoid the worst of that one. good morning washington. it is frederick -- friday, february 22. i'm scott thuman. >> i'm natasha barrett. we are on a storm watch. parts of our area could see a wintery mix. let's get to jacqui jeras. >> most of this will hit the metro later on today, more like the noon hour or into the afternoon. it is trying to get started in
5:32 am
counties to the west. let's take a look at where the advisers are. this is along the blue ridge and everywhere to the west. this is in effect until 10:00 tomorrow morning, up 1 inch. that is all we are expecting -- we are expecting. sleet and snow will be continuing on and off. it is relatively light at this time. trying to develop along i-81. if you live in page county, let me know, send me a tweet. it looks like it is coming down, even though the official radar says not yet. 32 is our temperature in d.c.. 28 degrees in winchester. the express forecast the is showing -- expressed forecast is showing 33 and cloudy. it should change over to rain by late this afternoon and this evening. our highs in the mid to upper 30's. we'll get more details for you in a minute.
5:33 am
>> we are starting on the good note because of the dry pavement and not too much going on around the area. take a look at i-395 across the 14th street bridge -- the six good. we do have fire department activity reported on route 1. 14th street, south of colorado avenue we also have activity. other than that, not too much. out of aspen and georgia avenue no problems. continuing down to silver spring, you're looking good. some of the other cameras -- you can see it has been an easy ride so far. >> we want to give you look at weather conditions in northern michigan. residents had to dig out waist- deep snow. a lot of roads are drive double thanks to snowplows. >> oh my goodness.
5:34 am
they have plenty. in the day ahead rockville teacher is due in court. he is accused of sexually abusing two students. >> brianne carter is outside the school where the teacher works. brianne? >> some parents out rage, some parents questioning what is going on. we understand that timothy krupica, a teacher here at this elementary school, will not be in class today. instead, he will be in a montgomery county courtroom as he is facing charges. police say that to go 11-year- old female students claim that krupica inappropriately touched them but will * beginning in september. the girls want to claim that he tried to force them to touch him. he has been teaching here since 2009. he is on administrative leave. i understand he will have a bond hearing set for 1:00 this afternoon. some parents of students say
5:35 am
they plan to be there in the courtroom. reporting live, brianne carter. >> there are new developments in the debate over guns in america. several african american leaders will hold a news conference in d.c. today to talk about gun control. and maryland task force looking at access to guns for people who are mentally ill will meet today in annapolis. the meetings, day after a maryland senate committee approved an amendment to a sweeping gun-control bill that would ban people involuntarily committed for mental health reasons from owning guns. >> vincent gray is speaking out about allegations of sexual harassment within the d.c. fire department. at least two female cadets have filed complaints. they say to come el instructors sexually harassed them. the fire chiefs say no employee has made an allegation of physical misconduct. mayor gray is looking into the dispute. >> frankly we are always going
5:36 am
to be concerned enough to do the investigation and find out what is underneath. based on whether -- what is determined, we will take appropriate action. >> the fire department is a conch -- conducting an internal investigation. >> in the meantime, the act -- the ad run this city council has chosen a new county executive. they chose laura neuman to replace john leopold. she had the county's economic development council -- headed the county's economic development council. back to d.c. -- jim gramm is fighting back. phil mendelson asked the council to reprimand felt -- jim gramm. the ethics board suggested that the gramm violated ethics rules
5:37 am
in 2008. the board concluded he improperly intervened in a contract dispute. he is challenging the ethics board ruling. the time now, 5:37. about 31 degrees outside. >> still ahead, we will show you the unique way one of the biggest airports in the u.s. is
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>> good morning washington. >> i love that. good morning washington. it is friday. we are all happy about that. i do not think you're going to get out of school early today kids, even though we have wintery weather. it is not enough. bundle up. you'll want the umbrella. 32 degrees. that is our temperature. the wind chill, 25 degrees. the clouds had moved in overnight, and we do have a little bit of winter weather developing to the west, along the blue ridge and settling into west virginia. some of it will be sleet mixing in. it is very light.
5:41 am
a little accumulation is expected. a winter advisory is in affect for tomorrow morning for areas like hampshire up to shenandoah rockingham. a potential of 1 inch, that will be the best we can get out of all of this. especially if your above 1,000 feet or more, you have greater potential. that law and to the d.c. metro area but it will be little to no accumulation. more details, let's go live to adam caskey. you're up there for washington's birthday. >> chief meteorologist. if only. [laughter] we're down here on the national mall. you can see a scaffolding ready to go up. i think they're getting ready to do the necessary repairs they
5:42 am
have been talking about since the big earthquake. 31 degrees here at the storm chaser truck. another cold morning. the wind is not whipping too much. let's take a look at area wide temperatures. then we will jump into the forecast. take a look at the numbers -- upper 20s, law or 30's, 28 in frederick, 32 at quantico. 32 in culpeper. here is a look at our forecast. some sleet and wintery mix -- not a big deal. possibly an isolated light coating here and there are some of the side streets. that would really be it. this is not a big deal. we are going to be called again while below average, in the 30's. looking ahead to the weekend tomorrow, rain probably early in the morning into the afternoon. some showers are likely. we consulted a good sound -- a
5:43 am
good sunday. sunshine and near 50 degrees. we will have your 7 day coming up. let's go back to jacqui -- to jaime with our commute. >> we have been so quiet. a few minutes ago fire rescue went to this crash. the maryland beltway, this is where we are busy. heading from college park around 270. the vehicles involved, they are on the shoulder. definitely this will be a distraction. let's go back to new hampshire avenue -- this is on the outer loop. still ok. watch italy or leaving any time soon from college park. this is right at the exit to university boulevard. otherwise, we are quiet. 270, 66, 95, i-395, good. >> the mother much. 5:43. >> coming up, a look at films have the academy awards. ♪ ♪ [ harry
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>> coming up, is oscar time. arch campbell and cynne simpson will bring as a live report coming up at 5:00. we will speak to this guy played by been affleck in "argo." join us at 5:00. >> we're just two days away from the oscars. the crew continues to prepare ahead of hollywood's biggest night. we will hear from the show's producers on why they chose the host seth macfarlane. they say he is funny and he can also sank. >> he has an instinct in the lines of hosts like johnny carson and bob hope. he might fit in in terms of reinvention. >> you can see to take some bold sunday night here on abc 7. lax airport is paying tribute to
5:48 am
the late jerry buss. >> the pylons are shining in purple and gold. they will stay that way until sunrise. he died monday after his battle with cancer. the runback for the st. louis rams has taken up a side gate at a fast-food restaurant. >> this is interesting. he makes six figures but he says he got the job to try to stay out of trouble. he even isn't sure how much he makes at jimmy johns. he accepted the minimum wage of $7.25 or maybe $7.50 an hour. >> down the other lane. >> duke proved to be way too much for virginia tech last night. it was the blue devils' first game since losing. 88-56. the nation's leading scorer green had 22 points.
5:49 am
tech is 2-11. >> the capitals were back in action. a lot of the action was viewed through the tinted windows. >> they started a home stand against the devils. they haven't been a playoff type team this season. will ticket downtown. second-- we will take you downtown. the early momentum -- the caps with the puck. too many penalties. the devils outshot them. the game winner -- the capitals have still not beaten and upper echelon team. they lose. >> we took too many penalties. we are eager to get back out there. we're not changing our game all.
5:50 am
>> they play at home on saturday against the devils again. have a great day everybody. >> coming up new at 6:00, the fbi cracks down conduct within its office. >> a boy calls 911 about his mom's house rules. >> we will tell you why kerry washington costs college professors are not surprised by her success. -- washington's college professors are not surprised by her success. >> take a look at this strange story. a dog-writing a monkey. -- dog-riding monkey. [laughter] >> oh my god.
5:51 am
i love it. i want to do that here. >> that is so cute. >> people like monkeys as pets. they're so cute. >> i would trade some co-workers for this monkey. >> i'm looking forward to our annoying corker segment coming up. -- coworker segment coming up. >> the forecast? [laughter] >> it's annoying when i don't shut up and to the forecast? let's show you where the sleet and snow and clouds are at this hour. that is what we're seeing here. a little bit of moisture to the west. most of this is not reaching the ground. we're getting a little bit of snow, light precipitation, which
5:52 am
will stay light throughout the day. it will make things, turkey because we do think that the accumulation is going to stay minimal, around an inch or less. a winter weather advisory along the blue ridge and west of there. a winter weather advisory in effect until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. it will be a prolonged event. this does not include the d.c. metro area. we will get some sleet and snow but no accumulation. temperatures will stay at or above the freezing mark. the wind chill index, 25, the winds to the north, northwest at 8 miles per hour. 25 in hagerstown. 32 in culpeper. 29 degrees at washington dulles airport. the energy in this system, watch this as it moves across the ohio river. it breaks up over the mountains. the energy is splitting. some of it pushes north and
5:53 am
alou -- a new area of low pressure will develop along the south. the futurecast has a pretty good handle on it. the rain along i-95 especially tomorrow. we could get half of an inch tomorrow compared to the little we will see later today. mostly -- mostly cloudy skies, a light wintery mix 34-39 degrees. for tonight, cloudy skies with rain. iran night 32-36 degrees. our 7-day forecast, a great and to the weekend, 50 degrees on sunday, and a pretty good start to the workweek. how was the commute, jamie? >> no problems on public trent -- public transportation. here we are in silver spring. this is the beltway, our look westbound. this is after the exit on university boulevard. a lot of activity -- everything
5:54 am
is confined to the right shoulder. the right lane is crowded on the approach. leading college park and around 270, this is you. you see the volume as we track back to i-95. we were very light before the crash. across the american legion bridge, no problems to report. scott, natasha, back to you. >> you may not realize it, but you could be making your co- workers miserable. >> i don't know what she's talking about. let's go to when the bell. -- to linda bell. >> let's begin with the more serious story. about a week from now, automatic spending cuts will kick in, unless congress and president obama come to a budget agreement. one group that could be affected, a government nutrition program.
5:55 am
it allows kids in low income families to get free healthy food including elf, fritz, and vegetables. -- milk, fruits, and vegetables. half of their applicants would have to be dropped. other programs, early childhood education, housing assistance, and domestic violence prevention. as you had to work, we all have one co-worker -- we all have one co-worker we find annoying. the guy who has no e-mail etiquette who types in all capitals -- or the condescending corker -- or the co-worker the shares too much information. live at bloomberg headquarters, i am when the bell. -- linda bell. i am sure none of us are those annoying co-workers. >> no. good to see you.
5:56 am
31 degrees. >> coming up, drew peterson learns his sentence
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> checking headlines from around the nation, 38 years in prison for a former chicago area police officer drew peterson. a judge handed down the sentence yesterday.
5:59 am
he was convicted in september of murdering his third wife kathleen savio in 2004. he lost his cool in courts, shouting i did not kill her. >> he was able to blow off steam. he's had a lot of anger over the years. he wanted people to see where he was coming from. >> he's also a suspect in the 2007 disappearance of his fourth wife stacy peterson, but he has not been charged in that case. he maintains that she ran off with another man and is alive. >> laura bush has asked to be removed from a new ad campaign in support of gay marriage. the ad features a clip of the former first lady talking about marriage in a 2010 interview with cnn. the group has complied with her request and will start running new ads featuring president
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